Three Golden Rules of Effective Calls-to-Action

Every website copywriter knows the salience of calls-to-action. They are the turning point of every sales copy. They tell your reader explicitly what to do upon reading your entire sales pitch. Thus, it is a must to learn and master the ways to make them effective, as their effectiveness equates to your success.

However, there is no standard blueprint that draws a truly successful call-to-action. You may notice that website copywriters test different methods and styles. This is because different industries, markets, and demographics speak specific languages, tones, and approaches when doing sales. So yes, if you intend to improve the way you craft your calls-to-action, you may want to consider these attributes first.

Writing effective CTAs start with these three basic, but golden rules:

  1. Use action words.

In website copywriting, your readers always position themselves to be on the receiving end of the spectrum. They are the ones being fed with information from your copy, and if and when they sign up, they are the ones to receive an item. However, they will never make a move unless you tell them exactly what to do.

Hence, it is important that you make use of action words that tell them what they should do in order to receive your offer. Tell them to “sign up,” “buy now,” or “subscribe now”. This way, they are properly informed of what they should act on, and that they eventually acted on their own will.

  1. Use the urgency of time.

The second most important factor in crafting effective CTAs is the urgency of time. People have the tendency to be complacent; they don’t move unless they are told to act on something urgent. At the same time, they are wary about losing the things they value, or miss out on things that they regard to have an impact on their lives.

You may use these two human flaws when writing your CTA. In fact, these flaws are essential in CTAs! You have to remind your reader that your offer is only good for a limited time, and that they’ll miss out an opportunity of a lifetime when they don’t avail of it at that particular moment. That’s why many CTAs have the words “today” and “now,” so readers won’t be complacent. You may even add a ticking clock to give them a more graphic description of your offer’s urgency.

  1. Highlight your product’s biggest perk.

Lastly, you may want to express the biggest reason why your product has to be purchased right away. You may want to add a sentence or two that says this statement to convince your reader that taking action right now is worth doing, or else they won’t bother doing anything at all.

You may highlight your product being a solution to an ongoing problem, a huge improvement to a current practice, or a big value for money that’s never been offered by competitors. The more relatable this highlight is to the lives of your readers, the more irresistible your CTA becomes.


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