4 Easy Tips for Android Screen-Mirroring

android cast screen to tv without chromecast

How convenient would it be if what we watch on our smartphones could be mirrored to a larger screen or TV? Casting your smartphone screen onto bigger displays has become very common in present times. Whether it is for a presentation or simply for the sake of mass entertainment, screen mirroring can be really helpful. Using this tool, one can easily download any media (video, photo or movie) to their android smartphone and then cast it to their bigger screens for a seamless entertainment experience. Instead of going to theatres, one can watch their favorite movies on their TV in their cozy living rooms! Here are some easy tips to android cast screen to TV without chromecast:

  • Miracast App: This app on your android device gives you a great experience of viewing media from your phone. It helps you cast it to your TV with a screen resolution of 1080p, wirelessly. Download this app from the play store and use it with a Miracast receiver on your smart TV. You can connect your smartphone and smart TV on the same WiFi and use Miracast to mirror your Android phone screen. Download the app and install it on your android smartphone. Connect both your TV and phone over the same WiFi network. Launch it on your phone and click on start screen mirroring.

  • AllCast Mirroring App: this is a built-in feature on Android devices with version 5.0 and later , which lets the user mirror or cast music videos, pictures or other media on TV models that are compatible with the app. Only smart TVs can be used to connect to the AllCast app if connected over the same WiFi. This is one effective ways to android cast screen to TV without chromecast.

  • Screen Mirroring: This is an awesome application which allows you to share content on your device to a wider screen like a laptop or TV wirelessly. Both Casting and screen-mirroring is possible if your TV, laptop or an even bigger screen like a projector is connected to the Miracast app. If your TV does not support the Miracast app then screen-sharing is not possible. Screen mirroring is a very powerful tool when it comes to media viewing experience on larger resolution screens. Now you can watch your favorite videos on larger screens anytime, anywhere.

  • Using Teamviewer: Install teamviewer on your mobile and pc. Open the teamviewer quick support android app on your phone and check your ID. Using this ID, connect your teamveiwer on your PC and phone. Now your phone screen can be mirrored on your PC directly.

Screen mirroring and casting are extremely handy for a better modern day entertainment experience. Now, from the comfort of your cozy living rooms, you can downloaded movies on your android devices and cast them on big screens for a theatre-like viewing experience. The above options allow you to mirror your screen to larger TVs without chromecast.  


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